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The importance of a Vanity Toll Free Number

We get asked this all the time: Why is a Vanity Telephone Number so important? First: think about the benefits including the Brand Recognition you're receive. The best example is 1-800-FLOWERS that reaps a huge benefit for a vanity number that actually describes what they do... sell flowers If you're trying to create a brand name, you need a easy to remember toll free number that can get your brand name recognized over your competitors. Second: Improves your reputation and credibility. Having a toll free number automatically lets your clients know that you care about them. You're proving them with an easier and more memorable way of reaching you should them have an issue. Clients will remember your business a month or two down the line. Third: It provides your business with a National footprint and wider reach. You have to think big and a toll free number gives you that ability. Having a National footprint will automatically give you the ability to start selling outside your market area which will in turn increase your sales.


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